Athletic Trainer – Brad Robinson

Athletic Trainer Brad Robinson – Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center

Through our partnership with Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center, Brad is a part of the Red Fox staff as our Athletic Trainer.  With his over 20 years of experience and close relationship with our team physicians from Hartsville Orthopedics and The Medical Group, Brad oversees all of our athletes healthcare including physicals, injuries, treatment and rehabilitation to make sure their safety and health are taken care of while helping them compete to the best of their ability.

Hartsville High School was recently awarded the Safe Sports School award by the National Athletic Trainers Association.


Athletic Forms:

Physicals, Concussion, Sportsware, Return from Injury

2020-Physical-Form (New)

COVID doc release form 2020

Sportsware letter to parents 2020

Sportsware returning athlete instructions

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